Monday, 1 August 2011

Sweet Corn Bharta

Sweet corn is easily available these days and is usually in everyone’s freezer.
Sweet corn bharta is a dish which can be made in a jiffy especially when unexpected guests arrive.

1 ¼ cup boiled sweetcorn (Both frozen and fresh are fine to use)

1 medium onion chopped finely

½ medium sized tomato chopped finely

1 tbspn tomato puree (market one)

1 ½ tbspn kasuri meethi

1 tspn ginger-garlic paste

½ tspn garam masala/kitchen king masala

½ tspn turmeric powder

½ tspn chilli powder(or as per taste)

salt to taste

2 tbspn oil


• Coarsely grind ¾ of the total boiled corns.
• Heat oil in a kadhai .
• Add the chopped onions and garlic-ginger paste.
• Fry till the onions become quite translucent.
• Add the chopped tomato and tomato puree.
• Fry well till oil separates .
• Add kasuri methi ,masala and the turmeric-chilli powders
• Mix well.
• Add the grinded corn as well the whole ones.
• Add salt and cover – cook for 5 mins.
• Serve hot.

This bharta can be had with chappatis, naans ,parathas and rice.