Friday, 29 January 2010

Banana Cake

This is my first recipe on my blog.Let me tell you that it feels just 'GREAT' to have a blog where you can share your joy of cooking with millions of people around the globe ,whom you haven't met or seen too.

Banana is usually liked by one and all so rarely it goes waste. But a million pound question is what to do with the overripe ones? now here is a simple solution.The credit for this recipe goes to the book which I found in the local library - Usborne' Cakes and Cookies for beginners.

Now here comes my recipe:

100g butter (I have used Lurpark unsalted)
100g soft,light brown sugar(I have used regular brown sugar...since that was at home!and so
the quantity of sugar used by me was 60-65 gms)
2 eggs (I have used XL ones for a simple reason they were in the fridge. But usually I use large ones)
2 bananas (in case of big ones, use just one)
100 g self raising flour
1 tspn baking powder
1 tspn vanilla essence


1. In a large bowl, mix in soft butter and sugar.I have used an electric hand blender here to mix them well till the mixture become slighty light.
2. Add the essence and mix lighty.
3. Add the eggs one by one and blend it well with the blender till the whole mixture becomes slighty frothy(you can say slighty bubbly).
4. Now cut the banana into chunks and mash them well with a fork. Add the mashed bananas to the mixture.
5. Add the baking powder and mix well with a wooden spoon or a hand whisk.
6. Then add the flour slowly and fold it in the egg -sugar- butter mix.
7. Pre-heat the oven to 180'c (I have a fan oven).
8. Grease a cake tin ( I have used a 20 cm one) with butter and sprinkle some flour.
9. Now pour the mixture into the tin with a spatula.
10. Bake in the pre-heated oven at 180'c for 30 mins.

When the cake is done, it will leave the sides of tin and when pressed, will feel firm and bounce back.

Let it cool down and then cut it into slices and enjoy!

and let the kids enjoy too ..............